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Kausarhosting is one of the leading web hosting companies providing complete hosting solution at global level. The company was founded in 2009 by A. Muzaffer (CEO) who put his strenuous efforts in establishing the company and then bringing it on global track. The company had a single room with one server initially which later extended a full fledged office with hundreds of servers under management.

Kausarhosting serves clients of many countries from small businessmen to industrialists and business tycoons. We presently have about 7,000+ happy customers worldwide in our database ranging from newbies to technology experts.

As per a survey regarding customer satisfaction, it was explored that 90% customers of Kausarhosting are happy and 100% satisfied. Kausarhosting makes all efforts by constantly working to improve the present services and support to be a leader in the field at internationaal level.

We have many hosting and technology experts in our management team who day night work dedicatedly to keep Kausarhosting one of the leaders in the hosting insustry.

Our Headquarters are located at Srinagar, kashmir (J&K) India and our Sub Offices are in USA and UK.

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