What is a web or website domain or domain name?

A domain name is the website address or in short URL (Universal Resource Locator), that identifies an internet web site. E.g.;  .A domain name may consist of two or more words separated by dots. It is your personal identity in the internet world. Your own domain name gives your business a professional look and internet established presence & you are looked as a professional business man or the Internet marketer.

There are thousands of free websites hosting a number of web pages for free with a free domain name no cost at all but a word of caution that a large percentage of the web users do not take a website seriously if it is using a free web space and not having its own domain name.

Internet users and online buyers may think if the site owner does not afford a paid hosting it is not worth to buy from them. Free hosting destroys your image and status of being an online merchant in the eyes of buyers even if you have products worth gold to sell.

This is a fact and you have to get paid hosting ads free if you have to succeed in internet business to make money.


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