How to choose a Web Host For Running Your Online Business?

When you browse and surf the internet, you come across millions of websites for a particular keyword(s) / search on Google. Usually one gets confused what to click and where to go. Usually the internet users like and trust the websites coming on page one of Google, as these are most optimized sites providing highly useful contents to people. This is equally true for website hosting companies. Internet is flooded with such service providers. Every tom and dick is now running a web hosting company claiming to be highly reliable and all that. But you as a client must check certain important things before you choose your web host for hosting your website.

1) Check online credibility of web host to find out how much reliable they are. There are real customers who post comments about web hosting service providers both positive and negative. Carefully read what people say and why. People love to share their good and bitter experience and publish a recommendation or an alert. You will also come to know how many people are using a particular web host. Check out them on social sites with their latest performance.

2) Find out there server uptime. Make an online search and check web hosting blog to see what people post there. This is crucial for your website or else you will face frequent website down times and failure of your internet business.

3) Check online demos provided by web hosts for their clients to testtheir services. Doing this you will not only get some idea of server uptime but also you may be able to test resources on a hosting platform to decide as to whether the host is suitable for your website needs.

4) Check their online customer support. This is very important in difficult times when you need them. If the support is not available at the time of need, you will simply beat your head against the wall and repent for you act on choosing the host. This really gives pain when you pay but did not get better value in return for your hard earned money. The support must be immediate and responsive with quality problem resolution.

5) Price structure is also carrying significance. You should not pay more for less. You can compare price list for a particular hosting service by visiting many hosts available around you and see what is genuine and what suits you.

6) Find out if the web hosting service provider is compatible for your needs to host a particular site. For example, if you have to design a php site, hosting must be Linux and if asp site, then windows platform is recommended. Also confirm as to whether application hosting is being supported or not. If yes, one thing more to check is to find out if wordpress, joomla, drupal etc. softwares are inbuilt with the hosting platform. If it is there, it is good news as with simple clicks you can install all the scripts without assistance of a programmer hence saving on this front.

As already said, if you are using Php language / Script to design the website you have to order for Php Hosting also called Linux Hosting. PHP (a recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is a server-side HTML embedded scripting language, used to create dynamic Web pages. A dynamic Web page is a page that can interact with the user viewing it,

So that on each page the visitor can see specially the customized information. PHP is open source and freely available for (primarily) use on Linux (UNIX) Web servers. It is also a great alternative to Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP) technology.

As also said for Asp language / script, you have to order for Asp Hosting also called Windows Hosting. Do ask your webhost about your requirement before making a deal with them. ASP - Active Server Pages (ASP). ASP files, which provide Web developers with an easier, faster, and more powerful way to build Web applications, are regular HTML pages with embedded scripts. These scripts can be written in any language and processed by the server when the file's URL is requested.

7) Decide how many email id's you require for your site and twice check if hosting provider offers unlimited emails which is flexible option for you as you can do anything without any resource restriction. Some hosting companies provide a few email accounts with the hosting account and then charge more for more accounts. So always look for unlimited emails option before you buy hosting.

8) Company's reputation and popularity is also important. Online search will reply your all related queries.

9) Security is another issue which should never be compromised. Ask your web host what security they provide to their customers to safeguard their websites. If you have to get more security, investing in this regard is always encouraged.

10) Carefully decide what space and bandwidth you need. Do you need a shared hosting account or vps or dedicated one? Make an assessment what would be the traffic you site may experience and decide accordingly. Unlimited hosting is a myth and a marketing tool. There is nothing like an unlimited hosting, everything is restricted. You need to read carefully what you are exactly buying at what cost.

11) Speed is another aspect of a web host. The speed of web host must be fast so that your visitors load site fast without any delay and waiting. People online do not want to wait and switch to another website if the site loads slow.

12) Server back ups is another area of importance to discuss and pay attention to. The web host should provide daily backups so that if your server crashes, the account can be easily restored with a few clicks.

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