Factors for designing a website....

(1) Loading speed:

 You should design a website which is fast to load taking at the most 10-15 seconds for loading ( opening in the browser).Customers do not wait for more than 15 seconds for the site opening and move on to next one if your site fails to load within this time duration.

To minimize the loading time of your website, reduce the size of your graphics. And do not use Flash, JavaScript, animation, multimedia to a large extent. 

A recent research has revealed that an average user waits for only 10 seconds for loading a website.

(2) Good & original content:

Good content is the king and sells a product successfully. It should convey the message you wish to communicate to your visitor? Is your site content written in such a way that it is compelling and motivating? Does it generate a sale?

Have others review, comments and edit your contents to ensure it is delivering the right message you are focused on. Check your spelling and grammar at least 5 times. Every time you read it, you may locate an error to correct it

(3) Personalize your website:

Design feedback forms and e-mail forms in your site so that visitors may ask you questions with regard to your product that are not clear to them in the site contents. This may increase your sale if the visitors get an immediate satisfactory reply to their queries. Try to reply all queries as soon as possible. Personalization may increase your sales dramatically.

(4) Consistency of site:

Your site must be regular and highly beautiful in look, feel and design. It should be pleasant to look at and not irritating the visitors or else they will move on to next site. Concentrate on perfect color combination in your site. I my opinion, web designing is all about color combination.

(5) Navigation:

 Site navigation should be easy and simple. This makes visitors comfortable and uses the site easily. Put a text link “site map” on your website leading to a web page displaying all the links of the website for convenience of the visitors so that any link can be clicked from this web page.

The aim of the navigation is to allow the users to reach the webpage they are looking for. Get your site designed by a highly professional expert in the field, if yourself you can’t do it.

Navigation is broadly studied under two headings:-

 (a)       Location Indicators:

With the help of the location indicators visitor comes to know where he is in the site at the moment. A change of color must be visible in the navigation.

If there is any confusion in navigating your site or understanding it, you are going to loose your customer and chances of a sale. Be crystal clear and careful regarding this paying attention to the minute details. Take your customer as a newbie to internet and write and design your site accordingly.

(b)       Navigation controls:

These are the links that user clicks and move around the site. These links should be placed in the same location on each web page and text constituting the link should clearly reveal what the link is all about.

(6)Credibility is vital and pre-requisite:

 No site even if professionally designed keeping all marketing criteria in view sells your products, if your customers do not believe in you. 

Provide your correct contact information viz. your residential or mailing  address, your phone number( preferably toll free) and e-mail ID on every page of you site and in the same location so that your customers can contact you before buying from you ensuring authenticity of site thereby building your online credibility and trust which is a must for online business. You should also write a paragraph about yourself that describes “who you are”. Upload your photograph too so that people will come to know about you.

You should include a link to crystal clear privacy statement in your site from every page.

(7) Focusing your site:

Do not try to sell more than one product from the same web page. Instead concentrate on sales letter to motivate the customer for a single product on a single page. Your goal should be selling one product per page of your website so use a separate page for each of your product. 

You should never deceive your customer and sell the quality products to build the life long credibility, the key to online success. Whatever your site promises, you should deliver- no cheating at all. You may make a few dollars out of cheating but your business will never flourish so take utmost care and be honest and sincere in your approach.

(8) Target your market:

Before building your site, you should know who your target market is. Your website should fulfill the needs of your customers. I prefer for all of your target market, your site to be clean and highly professional and you need to deliver a quality product to build a good online business status.


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