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Managing Team

Kausarhosting has many hosting and technology experts in the management team who dedicatedly work day night to keep Kausarhosting one of the leaders in the hosting insustry.

Our team of experts are innovative who put in their sincere efforts to provide you with professional services with no compromise in quality with award winning customer support. They not only work for the company but also for the customers 24x7 with same zest and zeal, so that your company grows and goes ahead in the race of competition and continues to grow further. So join us and see what we do for our valuable customers.

Mrs. A. Muzaffer (Chief Executive Officer)

Mr. Manoj Agrawal (Chief Technical Officer)

Mr. Manzoor Ahmad Bhat (Chief Operating Officer)

Mr. Asrar Nabi (Chief Marketing Officer)

Mr. Vishal Sharma (Chief Information Officer)

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