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Internet has become an important part of our lives without which we feel not something is missing but life has come to a standstill. A domain name is the
identity of any website on internet. Domaining is an established business on net but one should be capable to do it or else thousands of dollars go waste.
Like many other businesses, domaining also needs practice, knowledge and guidance from seniors who do it already with success by knowing how to do
it exactly. Number domains are something which are new but spreading with huge revolution and tremendous growth in price within short span of time.
Now investment in number domains has spread roots enabling people / investors to invest in number domains with a view and purpose to reap better
benefits after holding domains for specific period of time.

China is the main market as end users for these number domains who pay any dam price if they like domains. As a matter of fact, each number carries a
meaning in Chinese culture and as good letter domains sell for high prices as do the selective number domains carrying particular meanings. Investors
have started to invest in number domains as people invest in gold or any other property. Investing in domains is far far easy and more beneficial if you buy
domains at right time with right combination of numbers. Being a digital property the domains don't need manual storage, maintenance and can be sold
from your mobile with quick payments via Paypal. Everything at your fingertips with much more easiness and comfort than any other property to be
handled and profitted in the world.

Why Purchase Number Names?

"Today we are witnessing most significant era in the world of domaining seeing people investing in number domains more appropriately called as Digital
or Numeric Currency. Short numeric domains are obviously more expensive than long ones. Never ignore if there are more 8's and the domain is long, it
is expensive as well. Speaking broadly number 4 is disliked by Chinese and number domains carrying 4 are less expensive in market. However. it agian
depends upon its placement in the domain & association with other number as the numbers 84 , 48 , 484 , 148 , 814 , 54 are all positive and favorable
numbers. The Patterns, Palindromes, Similar Number Pairs and Repeating Number Domains usually sell at good prices with great benefits as these
domains are easy to remember than random ones."
Modes of Payment !

You may use our Bank Account or Paypal Account fo making payments.

State Bank of India
Jawahar Nagar Srinagar
Kashmir J&K India
Our Paypal Email Id is:

If you pay amount into our Bank Account, please send the scanned copy of bank receipt revealing the amount deposited to sales [at] kausarhosting dot
com as attachment so that our sales department checks the amount and begins the domain transfer process in your favour. Also please don't forget to
mention the domain name for which you have made the payment. If you pay by Paypal, please inform our sales department via sales [at] kausarhosting dot
com about the domain name for which you made the payment as well as mention the amount deposited to our Paypal Account.
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